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Outfitted by Royal Mountain Adventures (RMA). As you already know, this location is famed for the huge bucks that have been shot here over the past 17 years by our clients.R.M.A. offers some of the very best deer hunting anywhere in the country! Hunters looking for 170" - 200" Muleys and 150" - 180" Whitetails, this is the hunt for you.

R.M.A. currently leases over 200,000 acres in 10 different game management areas, strictly controlled for big bucks! Come to Colorado for your next big buck adventure!

ATTENTION WHITETAIL HUNTERS - IN SEVERAL OF THE PLAINS UNITS, COLORADO NOW OFFERS WHITETAIL ONLY PERMITS FOR ARCHERY, MUZZLELOADER AND RIFLE HUNTERS - these permits are extremely easy to draw, most tags can be drawn with NO PREFERENCE points!! Transferable landowner vouchers are also available.